A week in Amed.

After spending a week at Villa Paradiso, here are some observations of Bali in comparison to our travels in Thailand and Vietnam as noted by Erich:image

Temples- in every village, there is one temple for each of the three major gods. And often times there are temples for the lesser gods. Most residences have a temple as well. So Bali has temples everywhere. But, they are pretty pedestrian compared to those in Thailand and those that still remain in Vietnam. Balinese temples seem to be more use oriented (practical?) and less ornamental.

Celebrations- the Balinese (and perhaps all Hindu people) have many, many of these. It seems like there is no invitation. The whole village just shows up.

People- they were all very warm and kind. Good senses of humor. But, the caste system that exists is a drag. It is hard to get too close to them as a result.

Transportation- a big bummer. I don’t feel like we saw a lot of Bali and I wouldn’t want to try. The roads are too narrow, windy, steep, etc. And the traffic, roughly 2/3s scooters and 1/3 cars, is too congested. Even a short excursion can take 30-45 minutes. A 30 mile trip, at least where we were, took 90 -120 minutes. So, being stationed in one great place, which we were, is critical to a relaxing vacation on Bali.



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